Server Rules & Info


No exploiting of any kind. No bots, third-party software, or bug-abuse for any reason. Please /report any bugs or exploits you find.

There's never an OK time to be racist, prejudiced, sexist, or discriminatory AT ALL. Do NOT do it.

Absolutely NO sexual harassment of any type, for any reason.

No Admin fraud of any kind.

Don't beg for items or troll other players.

No threatening the server with any sort of attack, and no threatening another player with IRL harm.

No promotional advertising and NO SPAM.

No inappropriate paintings or /SIL images.

Keep politics and religion to yourself. This is an escape from real life.

There is never an OK time to trick or lure a player to their death. Players must enter trap bases on their own will.


You should only build structures that you are actively using and NO LAND CLAIMING. Use it or lose it.

Don't block other players, player bases, or any public access points or monuments.

If it isn't your own base that you built, don't obstruct it.

Building on the edge of PVP domes is prohibited.

No 'grief' building. That means if you are building it to give someone else a hard time, DON'T.


Traps are permitted INDOORS only for base defense. They cannot shoot out of open doors or windows at any time, including through twig outside.

Traps and Turrets are NOT protected at any time and can take damage by anyone.

Trap bases are allowed, with all traps completely enclosed. NO luring and NOT NEAR safe zones or Town zone.


Alt accounts are allowed, but must be in the same clan as the main account.

Do not clan with a player with the intent to raid/kill/rob after gaining trust. Inactive teammates can be kicked from group and killed/raided.


This server is PVE with designated PVP areas.

Cargo, Small Oil, Military Tunnels, Underwater Labs, and Missile Silo are PVE monuments that lock to the first clan to meet the criteria mentioned in chat when entering the zone.

Air Event, Armored Train, Convoy, Sputnik, and Water Event get auto-locked to the first clan that does enough damage.

PVE events, monuments, and abandoned player base raids may NOT be countered or counter-looted.

Players are to be given every chance to finish PVE events and abandoned bases, even in death, and you may not at all loot that player.

Boss Zombies are not considered PVE events.


The PVP areas are indicated by static gray domes that encompass specific zones & monuments.

Temporary PVP domes are enacted anywhere the Attack Heli is shot down, where the Daily Airdrop lands, and event airdrops.

The box to the right of your toolbar will indicate which area you are in, indicated by PVE, PVP, or PVP Delay.

PVP delay will last for 15 seconds after leaving a PVP zone. You can be shot and killed by other players in PVP & PVP delay during this time.

Do not attempt any events or hostile actions within any Safe Zones. Don't fight heli. Don't engage convoy.

Do not 'edge-camp' PVP lines. Players must fully enter a PVP dome and remain in that dome to participate.

No downing Attack Heli where it can place a PVP bubble inside town or on a player to force them into PVP.

Looting in PVP is allowed, but could discourage players from wanting to PVP in the future. You get to decide how the community views you.